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Overview and Costs

When it comes down to it, financial planning is not asset management and asset management is not financial planning. While we deliver advice and services in both areas, they are distinct from one another and should be treated as such.

Financial planning is a process we use to help clients gain clarity about what is most important to them, where they stand currently, and how they can best use their financial resources to realize the goals they have set for themselves. As it relates to a well-constructed financial plan, our team of financial advisors believe in the following:

  • Cash Flow management is the primary driver and greatest predictor of long-term financial outcomes
  • Risk Management tools should be used to protect against events that are any combination of rare, unexpected, and catastrophic in nature
  • Characteristics of a robust Balance Sheet include an ample cash reserve, cautious use of debt, and long-term savings that can produce lifetime income without undue portfolio stress
  • A sound Estate Plan allows for uninhibited enjoyment of assets during life and adequate control in the event of incapacity or death
  • Intelligent Income Tax Planning is integrated into the financial planning process on an ongoing basis with the goal of minimizing a client’s lifetime effective tax rate
Transparent Wealth Management Service Dedicated to Build Long-Term Relationships

Our wealth management service agreement includes the creation of an initial financial plan, ongoing financial planning, and asset management. We believe that the value exchange offered through this service is second to none.

Fee Schedule*
First $1,000,000 .95%
Next $4,000,000 .50%
Over $5,000,000 .25%

*Depending on the complexity of the initial financial plan we may charge a reasonable fixed planning fee. Other fee payment arrangements can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. These arrangements will be listed in the advisory agreement signed by our firm and the client.

TrueVine Planning

“The Financial Plan is the Vine, and our goal is for the Vine to bear fruit. Those branches of the Vine not bearing fruit are pruned to allow for new areas of financial wellness and growth. Abide in the Vine, and much fruit will be created.”

Building Purpose

Part of our core competency is assisting client’s in defining the purpose behind their wealth. The TrueVine Planning process was designed as a vital component in doing so by delivering a better understanding and complete integration within your financial profile.

We spend the time required to gather and analyze your family’s history, goals, and needs, as we consider every important financial decision you may be faced with in the future. Some of the topics include:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Short & Long-Term Goals
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning & Desired Legacy
  • Business Succession Planning

A Collaborative Focus

A team of experts is formed to walk alongside you and your family and help adapt to all of life's changes. Regardless of the event, we will create and execute on a tax-efficient and supportive plan aimed at achieving your legacy goals. Our team’s objective is to simplify the complex and bring cohesiveness to all the important advisors around your family. Mutual Trust Advisory Group has no outside interest or affiliations. As a fiduciary, you always come first.

The Living Strategic Financial Plan

We are proactively reviewing your complete wealth profile, uncovering new and changing dynamics, and guiding you through life’s journey. The following provides valuable expectations on the Planning process:


A Tailored Approach

The engine of a client’s customized wealth management strategy is asset management. Our professional team provides objective advice designed for your unique needs. By providing access to experienced and knowledgeable investment managers, we build and maintain our partnership on goal-focused investment decisions within the appropriate context of your financial plan and risk tolerance.

Diversification, asset protection, tax efficiency, and cost-conscious solutions are tenants to driving long-term success for generations to come. We aim to alleviate behavioral reactions proven to be detrimental to the sustainability of a portfolio. The true risk is the risk of not achieving your goals. Our motivation is to always serve your best interests.

An Extension of Your Family

One of our passions as a firm is to inform, educate, and empower you and your family. Open and clear communication is a vital component to every relationship, and we have established a platform to teach your family the importance of being a prudent investor, steward, and giver. Our goal is to help you instill the values most important to you, and to usher in the next generation of responsible leaders to carry-on your legacy.


The Meeting Process - What You Can Expect

The purpose of our meeting process is to understand you, identify where we can help and ensure a relationship that will be mutually beneficial.


First Meeting

Getting to Know One Another
30-minute in-person, phone or video call

  • Your perspectives & experiences with money
  • Your values, goals, and constraints
  • View sample plan & how it benefits you
  • How mental shortcuts & emotions affect your financial decisions
  • Lay out the next steps

Second Meeting

Beginning the Financial Plan
75-minute in-person, phone or video call

  • Begin mapping your plan with a collaborative approach
  • Review your current situation
  • Clarify your goals and aspirations
  • Discuss strategies and tradeoffs to achieving goals

Third Meeting

Plan Delivery & Implementation
60-minute in-person, phone or video call

  • Present plan findings
  • Discuss expected & potential outcomes
  • Execute plan & investment portfolio
  • Identify any advanced planning needs
  • Schedule first review